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Why Train With Box?

I work with busy professionals in Suwanee, to help them eat better and maximize their workout time, so they can reduce stress, get stronger, and feel more energetic.

By focusing on creating fitness and nutrition habits that actually fit into your life I will help transform your body, even if you've never set foot into a gym or failed every diet you've ever tried.

I only work with people who are 100% committed to be successful.  In order to provide the highest level of service I only accept 10 in-person clients at any given time, so if you train with me be ready to bring your A game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only do weight loss?
I specialize in weight loss and that is why about 90% of my clients come to me.
Do I need to be in shape to train with you?
No, I will teach you everything you need to know about strength training and all workouts are customized to your current level.
Where is your studio located?
I train at a studio called Benefit Personal Training.  It is located at 1300 Peachtree Industrial Blvd #2201, Suwanee, GA
How much does your services cost?
Since all training plans are customized to your specific needs it's impossible to give you an accurate answer without doing a complimentary Transformation Session first.   
Do you offer your services independently?
Yes, all services are priced individually.  Discounts are available if you package different services together.

Client Testimonials

Chris LeFaveWith his no-nonsense approach, this man will get the most out of whatever time you give him and you WILL get results. Be ready to learn and work hard while having fun getting results. I lost 50 POUNDS in 9 months with this guy. He is down to earth, and his honest approach will get you to know a LOT more about YOUR motivation and habits, and how they play into your eating and exercise habits, or lack thereof. I recommend him to all of my friends who are serious about their goals, however big or small. - Chris LeFave

Samantha LewisI really noticed a difference very quickly. I loved that Stephen doesn't let you give up when you want to and he is right. Some how i always managed to get that last one out. Fantastic with nutritional advice as well. I would recommend this trainer to anyone at any fitness level.

Samantha Lewis

Colin VanattaStephen constantly pushed me and worked with me on a variety of things, from whole body workouts to specifically tailored workouts and just finding the time to work it into my schedule. His process really works if you buy into it, and despite me moving away I still work with him via an iPhone app to continue with my workout plan. Stephen is very dedicated to his craft and is a genuine guy who balances teaching and pushing his clients extremely well, which gets the best out of them. -Colin Vanatta

Chris AmatoWorking with Stephen has continued me on track to reaching my personal fitness and health goals. With an extensive knowledge of both fitness and nutrition, Stephen is great at customizing workouts, building on strengths, and overcoming weaknesses to produce results. I would recommend Stephen to family and friends looking to make a permanent improvement to their health. - Chris Amato

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