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It was 2010, I was 80lbs overweight, disgusted with what I saw in the mirror,and  pre-diabetic.  I also lacked the knowledge to do anything about any of it.

Like many others, I turned to Google for the answers to my questions about how lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle.  I quickly realized that only 3 scenarios were likely:

  1. I'd become overwhelmed by the billions of search results and give up before I ever got started

  2. I'd find a plan I liked, but wouldn't stick with it because it didn't work with my lifestyle.

  3. I'd get results, but like over 60% of Americans that lose weight, I'd regain it because I didn't lose it the right way.

Realizing that none of these options were acceptable options for me, I decided to go the long route.  I started the process of becoming a certified personal trainer, lost 80lbs, and now get to help others achieve similar results.

Certifications & Professional Associations

  • Certified Fitness Trainer | International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
  • PN1 Exercise Nutrition | Precision Nutrition
  • CPR, First Aid, Adult AED trained | American Red Cross
  • Member of IDEA Health & Fitness Association

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