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Personal Fitness Training in Suwanee, GA

Two great options for busy professionals in Gwinnett to take back control of their fitness!

Choosing to work with a professional, certified personal fitness trainer in Suwanee is a great choice for those looking for a custom solution for their individual goals.  These aren't just workouts, they are premium coaching programs designed to help you get the body you want and teach you how to keep it.

Colin Vanatta

Stephen constantly pushed me and worked with me on a variety of things, from whole body workouts to specifically tailored workouts and just finding the time to work it into my schedule. His process really works if you buy into it, and despite me moving away I still work with him via an iPhone app to continue with my workout plan. Stephen is very dedicated to his craft and is a genuine guy who balances teaching and pushing his clients extremely well, which got the best out of me.  - Colin Vanatta

Transformation Programs

1-on-1 Private Coaching in Suwanee

Transformation Programs are our "Gold Standard" service for people who want:

  • a workout & nutrition plan made just for you and your goals,
  • access to a fitness & nutrition coach, not just a trainer,
  • and a start and end date to increase motivation and accountability.

Before you even start your first workout, I will personally take you through a thorough consultation and training evaluation so we can identify your current fitness and nutrition levels as well as your specific goals.

Transformation Programs can range between 12 weeks and 1 year.

Flex Teams

Semi-Private Group Training in Suwanee

Flex Teams are groups of up to 4 people working together at our private Suwanee Personal Training studio to get in the best shape of their lives.  All Flex Team sessions are lead by a certified fitness professional who will teach you the exercises and make sure you are using proper form at all times.  Flex Teams meet 2x per week and your coach will assign workouts to you outside of your training days.

Flex Team workouts are high energy and fun.  They are full body workouts that combine strength training with sports drills and cardio intervals to get you results fast.  Because each session will bring new challenges your body will always be forced to adapt and improve so you never plateau.

Are you ready to flex?


to take the first step toward taking back control of your health.

Benefits of  Training With Box

Personalized Training

Your plan is tailored specifically to your needs.  That means that each exercise in your plan is selected based on your goals, individual needs, physical limitations, skill level, and to an extent, your preferences.


Having the right support system is a vital part of your success.  The average client only spends 2-3 hours per week with a personal trainer.  That leaves 165 hours a week that most trainers are leaving their clients to fend for themselves.  I pride myself on providing you the tools and support you need to be successful, even when you're not with me.

Training on the Go

Because many of my clients travel they need training that can go with them.  That's why I load your personal workout program into our convenient smart phone app.

Access to Our Private Training Studio

Our private, state-of-the-art training studio in Suwanee is the perfect place to achieve your goals.  Because everything we do is by appointment only you'll never have to wait for a machine or wipe someone's sweat off a bench first.
Chris LeFave

I lost 50 POUNDS in 9 months with this guy. He is down to earth, and his honest approach will get you to know a LOT more about YOUR motivation and habits, and how they play into your eating and exercise habits, or lack thereof.

Chris LeFave

Chris Amato

With an extensive knowledge of both fitness and nutrition, Stephen is great at customizing workouts, building on strengths, and overcoming weaknesses to produce results.

Chris Amato

Samantha Lewis

Stephen is great at motivating you to push yourself, which helped me notice a difference quickly.  Fantastic with nutritional advice as well. Recommend to anyone at any fitness level.

Samantha Lewis

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