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What You Need to Know About Sugar and How It Limits Your Results!

You'll learn the 4 basic sugar types and which ones to avoid. 

BONUS: Learn over 60 aliases that manufacturers use to hide sugar on food labels!

10 Proven Tips For Breaking Your Sugar Habit For Good

To your brain, sugar is a reward, and if you eat a lot of it, you're reinforcing that reward.  That can make it challenging to break the sugar habit.  These 10 tips will make it easier!

22 Fast & Easy Low-Sugar Snack Ideas to keep you on track

Sugar cravings can be intense so it's important you have some alternatives ready to go when those cravings strike.  I've got your back with these 22 fast and easy low-sugar snack ideas.


Colin Vanatta

“Stephen's process really works - He got the best out of me.”

Colin Vanatta

“I can tell a huge difference in my energy levels without all the sugary foods and I don't feel bloated!!  I don't even have the cravings for sweets AND I'm down 6 lbs!”

Tasha Stephens Pearson

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Stephen Box

Stephen Box is a certified nutrition and fitness coach, habit change expert, professional speaker, and host of the Training Box Tuesdays podcast.

Stephen's passion for health started with his own 80 lb weight loss journey.  He has spent the last 10 years helping others get in the best shape of their life and staying that way - without restrictive diets!

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